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At Carlson Investigations, we customize each investigation to meet your exact needs.  Since we know the information and evidence we gather are vital to building your case, we present you with accurate and detail-oriented reports.
Criminal Cases
We specialize in many different types of criminal cases.  For many years, we have worked closely with local lawyers, district attorneys, and government agencies.  
Other Investigations
Although we specialize in criminal cases, Carlson Investigations has worked on a variety of investigations.  From missing persons to cheating spouses, we have the experience and tools to assist you with your case.
Background Investigations
A background investigation is crucial when you or someone you know may be involved with another person.  Dating or becoming new business partners are common and is important that you know that person's background.  
At Carlson Investigations, we know that you are putting your trust with us to investigate your case carefully.  Take a look at some of our testimonials from our current and past clients.

Criminal Cases

We specialize in criminal cases and will work with you closely from beginning to end.  We have testified in over 100 cases and take pride in being highly organized for every case we take.


Missing Persons

As a person or child goes missing, there is crucial time to follow any clues that may lead to finding them.  We are equipped with the right technology and experience to help you find that missing person.



We are proud to have the latest surveillance equipment to assist us in our cases.  Our past experience has led us to know when to use the right equipment at the right time while remaining undetected. 

Personal Safety & Protection

As we all know, a dangerous situation can happen at any given moment.  With previous experience as a law enforcement officer and over 2,500 hours of instruction to groups/individuals, David Carlson has the tools to teach you about personal safety & protection.

You will feel more at ease knowing what kind of scenarios can take place and what to do if it happens to you.  Our instruction will teach you how to prevent and reduce the risk from being in dangerous situations.   Click Here To Read More...

We are available by appointment for any of our services.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.

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David Carlson

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