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    Private Investigator Scottsdale, Arizona
    Arizona Private Investigator - Serving Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, DC Ranch, Troon North, Phoenix and surrounding cities.
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    Private Investigator Arizona

    I provide private investigation services to clients in Scottsdale, Phoenix and surrounding cities in Maricopa County. Depending on case, I may extend my services to other counties throughout Arizona.

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    What Others Have To Say

    I am a former Massachusetts State Police Commander and currently a Firearms, Ballistics, and shooting reconstruction expert and have over 55 years of experience and had the pleasure of meeting with David and working cases with him. He has insight that not many have. It is obvious he has worked the cases as a big city law enforcement detective. Working together, I feel very comfortable with the attorney’s chances of acquittal. My crime scene knowledge is matched by only a few. His is one. Great investigative skills and knowledge.

    Ron Scott.
    Firearms and Ballistics Expert

    I would like to take a couple of moments to commend David Carlson for the work he has done for the County of San Diego, Office of the Public Defender. David worked on several criminal cases but one which is an important one for our office as it involves issues of tremendous future implications, as well as the possibility of very serious punishment for our client. I was tremendously surprised and pleased to learn that David had gone beyond what the investigation request asked for. His dedication and insight into the cases was always evident.

    Leah Singer
    Attorney, County of San Diego Office of the Public Defender

    As a defense attorney, I rely heavily on investigators to assist in my cases. Some are detailed in the reports but that is all they do. I cannot take the time to take calls from investigators wanting to know what to do, I need someone that knows what to do. In his work, Mr. Carlson found angles in cases no other investigator has. He studies files and comes up with alternatives. He was incredible. I am a judge now and have no need for an investigator, but I had to pass his name to my former partners and as many attorneys I can.

    Eric Bucher

    David has done such remarkable work as a gang and homicide detective, I was sorry to see him go. His investigative skills are unbeatable in every aspect and his diligence in finding the facts is second to no one. I just hope he does not end up using his skills in defending people; it would make our work that much harder.

    Jeff Jablongski
    Lieutenant, LA County Sheriff's Department Detective, OSS Gang Task Force

    Two men came to visit me and discuss my case at the jail, one was a man who was unprepared for the visit and looked like some homeless person who lived under a bridge and the other was extremely professional in appearance, very well dressed and knew my case very well. I was so hoping he was my attorney but unfortunately he was not, the homeless looking man was. Mr. Carlson was my investigator. Throughout my case, Mr. Carlson visited me often and he kept me well informed and up to date on what was happening. My attorney did not. I had to fire the attorney and begged Mr. Carlson to continue with me case.

    Tammy S.

    My husband was arrested and found guilty for a murder he did not commit and given the death penalty. David found so much information to help my husband but the attorneys did not use his findings. Instead of using Mr. Carlson as the lead investigator, they used someone with only 2 years of experience. Mr. Carlson, as in turned out, had over 25. During trial and following, I was afraid for my life because of what my husband was accused of doing. David was my bodyguard for a while and kept me safe and secure. He kept everyone away who meant me and my family harm. An excellent investigator and bodyguard.

    Janet T.

    I was saved by Mr. Carlson. As a gang member associated with the Diablo gang since childhood, I was recently released from prison for crimes I admit to. I was not a good person. Immediately after getting out, I got hooked up with another gang member and felon and we were arrested for robbery, kidnapping, assault, carjacking, weapons charges and other things. My attorney said I am looking at 20 to 25 years and we may need to take a plea. I could not go back. I was desperate. Mr. Carlson was called in by my attorney to assist my investigator and to help my attorney’s case as a gang expert and as a crime scene professional. The attorney and my investigator did not know nothing about my life and what it was like to be in a gang. With Mr. Carlson’s help, I was given only 6 MONTHS in County for associating with a felon. That is all. No robbery, no assault, no car jacking, nothing. Six months instead of 20 to 25 YEARS, I am forever grateful. THANK YOU SO MUCH, DAVID. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU.

    Alejandro H.

    I was arrested for killing a rival gang member and facing the death penalty. Mr. Carlson helped a lot with my case. He was amazing finding and interviewing witnesses and finding problems with the DA’s case which would have set me free but the attorney did not want to do any work for me. She kept telling me to take a plea but I did not want no plea. She did not want to do the work Mr. Carlson found. Another attorney assisting my primary attorney agreed with David and told my primary attorney what David discovered but she refused to listen. David came up with the best solutions to my case reading the police reports and finding others who could have done the murder. My attorney told me to take a plea but I should have refused and demanded she listen to Mr. Carlson. I am now in prison for the rest of my life because of my attorney. I honestly think I would be out if I still had David.

    Niaz K.

    A hard worker who gets to the point and no sugarcoat anything. It is interesting to see him work balancing his heavy workload with the same stick-to-itiveness and tenacity as if he had just a few cases. I won a lot more cases than lost because of his dedication.

    Garret Mattson

    It is amazing how Mr. Carlson gets people to talk to him. He will find out information from people I did not think anyone can. No other investigator I have hired equals his ability in interviews. I have won several cases because of his ability.

    Tom Elliott

    In my position as criminal defense attorney, I have had the pleasure to get to know David Carlson’s investigative performance and can, without hesitation, say I am very impressed with who he is personally and professionally. David is a man of great intelligence, integrity and perseverance. He is willing to sacrifice his own needs for the sake of his client. I have been witness to his superlative work ethic and work product. All who know him, regard him as a conscientious, focused, and a high achiever. He takes a great deal of pride in problem solving and articulately expressing his findings. I have never had any reason to doubt his honesty or the honor of his intentions. Without reservation, I strongly support David that is reflective of a strong, consistent and reliable character.

    Patty Barnett

    As a Psychologist in I appear in court often assisting attorneys with their clients. My skills are used as an expert in the field of interviews and false identity. I had a case a few years ago in which Mr. Carlson found the witness to be mistaken before I did with his incredible ability in reading people. This witness said he was ‘about 80 to 90 percent sure the attorney’s client was the guy he saw but changed his mind to ‘about 30 to 40 percent sure’ after Mr. Carlson spoke with him. No coercion, just good old fashion detective work. I use his technique today when testifying.

    Dr. Daniel Reisberg

    I have seen the work of hundreds of others but, without hesitation, I would place David Carlson’s work in the upper 10 percent. In evaluating his performance I am able to recommend him to any job which requires a dependable and an able person of exceptional quality.

    Lt. J.W. Moore
    Lieutenant, State of California

    Thanks for your assistance, David, in helping with our workload. Great investigative work. It was a tremendous surprise to have such a keen investigative mind on our staff. Others in our department need to take note of whom they are working with. Although you are with another department we need to get you back with us quickly. Again thank you.

    Dennis Pritchard
    Sergeant, LA County Sheriff's Department Detective, OSS Gang Task Force
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