Sunday, September 26, 2021

Background Investigations

A background investigation is crucial when you or someone you know may be involved with another person.  Dating or becoming new business partners are common and is important that you know that person's background.


Background Investigations

A background check is widely used when applying for jobs, leases, loans, etc. However, it is also useful for everyone because there may be many types of situations where someone you know could be a registered criminal or may have been one in the past. Based on our experience, we have seen many individuals benefit from a thorough background investigation because it will make sure that you or your family member will be safe.

In today's world, the use of technology such as the internet allows individuals to prey on others, ranging from a variety of criminal acts.  Free websites such as Craigslist has been reported to have a significant amount of cases such as fraud or sexual offense. We have found that it can relieve a lot of stress to make sure that the person you are dealing with does not have a criminal history.  Below are some situations we have found to be beneficial for many of our clients but are not limited to what we offer.

Roommates / Friends

Given our current climate of violence at our schools and universities (violence) we feel it is imperative for parents to know who their son's or daughter's are rooming with when they go off to college.  Past criminal acts such as theft and drug possessions may also  have occurred in the past.  For individuals that may move into a new area and room with someone they may not know, it is crucial to double-check to see if the person you are rooming with has a clean background.

Future Love Interests / Dating

With so many dating sites and free portals like Craigslist, it is extremely easy to meet new people.  However, that ease and comfort may also be something to be cautious about.  Anyone with a past sexual offense or criminal acts are huge red flags and should be taken very seriously.

New Business Partners

When someone is thinking about hiring someone or becoming involved with a business partner, it is definitely important to have their background investigated thoroughly.   When money is involved, it can become a huge liability for the individual if they decide to hire or sign on with a person who has had a fraudulent past.  As we know, anyone has the ability to take any amount of assets and quickly disappear.  This can result to individuals to lose a large sum of money, assets, and even damage their credit.