Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Other Investigations

Although we specialize in criminal cases, Carlson Investigations has worked on a variety of investigations.  From missing persons to cheating spouses, we have the experience and tools to assist you with your case.

Other Investigation Services

We offer a variety of investigation services for private parties & individuals.  It is our goal to make sure that our services are customized and catered to the client's exact needs.  In the conclusion of each case, our staff provides an accurate and detailed report and is done in a timely manner.  It is important that all requests are expressed in the first initial consultation.

Missing Persons

When a child, teen or adult is missing, time is critical.  Each passing minute may mean that clues and leads to the person's whereabouts are being lost. Acting immediately is always the best thing to do but with an exhausting investigation, there is always hope.  Just because time has lapsed doesn't mean those loved ones cannot be found.  In fact, our success rate is relatively high when the person had been missing a short time or longer periods.  We work closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement and investigators in situations like these.

Background Investigations

Given our current climate of violence at our schools and universities (violence) we feel it is imperative for parents and students to know who their son's and daughter's are rooming with when they go off to college. A thorough background investigation on those individuals may relieve most stress. The same is also true with future love interests or employees or possible business partners. A person could lose a great deal of money or worse. There are countless of tremendous decisions one must make in life and a thorough background investigation could make a huge impact on that decision.  Read More >


We are equipped with the right techology to provide surveillance services.  Our years of experience gives us the advantage of using the right tools at the right time and being able to adapt to many situations as they come unexpectingly.  We know that remaining undetected throughout the whole surveillance process is crucial to providing our clients the most accurate and organized reports.

Cheating Spouses

We understand that a cheating spouse can be extremely damaging to the relationship and entire family, especially if there are children.  It is vital as a private investigator to remain undetected and to ensure if a spouse is cheating or not.  We have done many cases of cheating spouses and know that each case will have different situations.

SIU (Special Investigations Unit)

While Law enforcement agencies truly are committed to promoting and maintaining community confidence there are cases where some actions perform by police come into question. Some public members feel the police could have been handled their actions differently. Through highly professional and independent investigations, backed by years of experience and courtroom testimony involving police procedures, these questionable procedures could be examined independently.