Sunday, September 26, 2021


At Carlson Investigations, we know that you are putting your trust with us to investigate your case carefully.  Take a look at some of our testimonials from our current and past clients.

"Thank you very much for all your hard work, David. I am so pleased with the results you gave my son and I. Truly amazing. If you ever need anything please do not hesitate to call. We are forever indebted to you. God bless you."

Brenda and Alan C. (Client)


"It is incredible. First I had a world of problems and now nothing. What a huge relief not to worry about my life anymore. David, I want to thank you for what you have done for me. I can now finally relax and not have to worry about the police any longer. I cannot tell you enough how much it worried me. Again thank you.

William M. (Client)


In my position as criminal defense attorney, I have had the pleasure to get to know David Carlson’s investigative performance and can, without hesitation, say I am very impressed with who he is personally and professionally. David is a man of great intelligence, integrity and perseverance. He is willing to sacrifice his own needs for the sake of his client. I have been witness to his superlative work ethic and work product. All who know him, regard him as a conscientious, focused, and a high achiever. He takes a great deal of pride in problem solving and articulately expressing his findings. I have never had any reason to doubt his honesty or the honor of his intentions. Without reservation, I strongly support David that is reflective of a strong, consistent and reliable character."

Patty Barnett, Attorney At Law


"I would like to take a couple of moments to commend David Carlson for the work he has done for the County of San Diego, Office of the Public Defender. David worked on several criminal cases but one which is an important one for our office as it involves issues of tremendous future implications, as well as the possibility of very serious punishment for our client. I was tremendously surprised and pleased to learn that David had gone beyond what the investigation request asked for. His dedication and insight into the cases was always evident."

Leah Singer, Attorney, County of San Diego Office of the Public Defender.


"Thank you for your hard work and dedication -- you should be commended on your work as you have excelled in all cases you performed. I, and the clients who also knew of your work, cannot say enough of your performance. Your background, skills and talents give you excellent chances for success. You have everything going for you".

Roger Smith, Managing Investigator, Santoni, Skrifvars, and Damerell.


"I have seen the work of hundreds of others but, without hesitation, I would place David Carlson’s work in the upper 10 percent. In evaluating his performance I am able to recommend him to any job which requires a dependable and an able person of exceptional quality."

Lieutenant J.W. Moore, State of California


"David has done such remarkable work I was sorry to see him go. His investigative skills are unbeatable in every aspect and his diligence in finding the facts is second to no one. I just hope he does not end up using his skills in defending people; it would make our work that much harder".

Lieutenant Jeff Jablongski, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


"Thanks for your assistance, David, in helping with our workload. Great investigative work. It was a tremendous surprise to have such a keen investigative mind on our staff. Others in our department need to take note of whom they are working with. Although you are with another department we need to get you with us quickly. Again thank you."

Sgt. Dennis Pritchard, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.