Sunday, September 26, 2021


David CarlsonDavid Carlson has 25+ years of investigative experience and is proud to be a county and state investigator specializing in criminal matters.  He is a former County and State law enforcement officer.  His additional services provides years of experience working missing persons, personal safety and security, civil matters, and insurance related cases (including traffic accidents, fire, fraud, and vehicle theft).

His clientele includes working closely with private parties, attorneys, banks, and insurance companies investigating hundreds of cases in the states of California, Florida, and Oregon.  He is classified by the courts as an expert witness, testifying in over 100 cases for the prosecution and defense.

Mr. Carlson also has over 2,500 hours of instruction, ranging from criminal investigations, gangs, tasers, to law enforcement techniques and procedures.  He continues to teach a variety of subjects at seminars or classes and is available by appointment.

All investigators associated with Carlson Investigations must have years of experience and education in order to better serve our clients. Any investigative work that is not performed by Mr. Carlson must be brought to his attention and reviewed before the assignment is complete.  He takes pride in the work performed by his agency and will be happy to serve you for any criminal or personal/private matters.